I am available from 21th Nov

Gino Scaletti

I am driven and self-motivated, yet during my varied career, have proved personable, keen to work alongside others and open to new ideas. During the last 9 years as a freelance web developer, I have demonstrated the ability to work to defined budgets and timeframes within a creative, high-pressured and dynamic industry.

I write semantic HTML5 with a BEM approach and use SASS/COMPASS to preprocess CSS. I have an expert knowledge of Responsive web development practices using either Bourbon Neat, Griddle or Bootstrap if projects require it. I use jQuery but I also have an understanding of OO Javascript and can integrate APIs serving JSON. I can implement markup in views for Umbraco and I write functional, bespoke WordPress themes. I automate compiling, includes and minifing processes with Grunt; I use GIT with Sourcetree and regularly use JIRA and Slack. I also have a good working knowledge of Angular JS.

I am a good communicator, have an understanding of Agile processes and I frequently participate on clients’ calls.

I use my own Mac – References available upon request.


HTML5, XHTML, HTML & CSS3 through SASS and COMPASS or Bourbon. Handwritten, accessible, semantic code, compatible with standards compliant browsers. jQuery. Grunt. Working knowledge of php, MySQL, Django templating, Handlebars and Angular JS.


Mac: SublimeText, Photoshop, GIT or SVN through Sourcetree/Github/Versions. JIRA, MAMP.

Applications & Frameworks

Bespoke responsive front end development or with modular use of Griddle, Neat or Twitter Bootstrap. SMACSS and/ or BEM approach and methodology. WordPress themes. HTML templates for UMBRACO CMS, comfortable with implementing and testing markup into MVC frameworks.


Oliver Wyman

Client/ Agency: Draw Create

Technologies: HTML5, SASS, Griddle, Ajax, jQuery, _lodash, Grunt, GIT

Description: Greenfield site rebuild for international management company. Involved with project at wireframe stage, I used a modular approach to create re-usable BEM HTML modules to implement on on an UMBRACO CMS across the site. Responsiveness and jQuery interactivity for all moving parts. Javascript filtering for profiles’ section and JSON content population for an events section fed by a Google spreadsheet. Codebase managed with a Gitflow process linking JIRA tickets with features. Implementation of additional SEO recommendations from an external agency. Participated on calls with client throughout the project and managed involvement of an additional front end developer during some of the busiest sprints. QA/ Fixes implementation and handover documentation.

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McCann Enterprise

Client/ Agency: McCann Enterprise

Technologies: Wordpress, HTML5, SASS, jQuery, Isotope layout, Grunt, GIT

Description: Bespoke Wordpress theme.

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Client/ Agency: Draw Create

Technologies: HTML5, SASS, Bootstrap, jQuery, SVN

Description: Interactive HTML5 templates for Umbraco CMS integration

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Sorted London

Client/ Agency: Sorted London

Technologies: HTML5, Sass, jQuery Parallax, Git

Description: Parallax microsite

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